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Daniel Vieira

Daniel Vieira was born in 1982, in Portugal, and graduated in Industrial Design in 2006.

In 2009 he was awarded the Daciano da Costa Prize in National Design Awards in the industrial design / equipment category. The jury reinforced the ‘simplicity and conceptual coherence of the products and systems presented’.

In 2010, with the co-orientation of designer Carlos Aguiar, he completed his Master’s degree in Integrated Design with the monograph on industrial designer Eduardo Afonso Dias, titled: Two decades of product design in Portuguese. In the same year, opened the 0Kcal Lda.

In 2013 it becomes independent to explore the junction between industrial design and the world around us, creating new identities for objects.

Burel Mountain Originals proposed the challenge of designing products in burel. Having done the primary research and found the product typology, the way forward is based on a line of products: a case, bag and bag for use as storage of school supplies or purchases, everyday utensils that fit the Male and female gender. Burel Bag is an approach that rejects the superfluous. It arises from the reuse of the geometry of the box for cakes, in the search for a proper identity for a new product.