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João Paulo Assunção

Graduated in Interior Design from the Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation (ESAD), João Paulo Assunção worked for Architect Helder Carita’s atelier and graduated from the ‘Charnwood Arts’ Arts Center in England. He works independently as Interior Designer, mostly for residential spaces, always trying to print in the language of his projects a balance between the premises of the program and the memory of spaces and objects, valuing the personality of the client.

He participated in the project ‘Solidarity Designers’ for the Fundação O Século, as decorator of a suite and, in co-authorship, of two camaratas, which this institution opened in the scope of Social Tourism. He taught Project Chair at the Magestil Professional School in Interior Design course. Co-founder of the Bazaar of Author – Collective that promotes the artisanal work of authors in the areas of plastic arts, design of accessories, jewelery, children’s literature, crafts, Mediterranean and aromatic plants.

In his atelier, he developed a textile and confectionery workshop for decoration, from where he participated in several costumes for Theater and Dance and where he began to develop the design of clothing accessories. From this experience was born the partnership with the brand Burel Mountain Originals, combining the design of its pieces with the cultural heritage of the burel fabric.