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The Burel Family

We were in 2010, in Manteigas, in the heart of Serra da Estrela. From the top we thought in a special, unique and sustainable project, with Portuguese soul and feet at the Mountain that inspires us.

There was born Burel Factory, reinventing the value and the wealth of the region, wanting to show the world a proper ancient art suited to modern times, redesigning the tradition, with a unique, colourful and cool design concept. And in a daring tear, we went down the Mountain to move to the frenzy of contemporaneity. Since then, Burel has become a synonym for creation, weaving the future with the threads of the past.

And it didn’t stop. Today we walked past the time with constant innovation without ever forgetting the Mountain that gave us the Originality and the knowledge.

We are the same authentic Burel that you know, continuing the creation of a new world with our hands, and bring him to you. But we evolved.

We are Burel Factory, Mantecas, Lanifícios Império, Casa das Penhas Douradas Design Hotel & Spa and Pousada de S.Lourenço.

We are now Burel – Mountain Originals with a new name, new image and a vision even more present in the future of design and at the trends that move each and every one of us. 

We are Burel Factory, Mantecas, Lanifícios Imprério, Casa das Penhas Douradas Design Hotel e Spa, and Pousada de S.Lourenço. All under the same graphism, the same concept and the same genesis: the Mountain with his historical legacy that remains, and the respect for the harmony of the mother nature that always moved us.

We are now more consistent and focused on what we have to offer you, to continue with our heart full of future to keep us always Originals.

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