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The Origins of the Burel Sheep

For a present sustained by the future.

Burel was born in the mountains of Serra da Estrela in the interior of Portugal. It is there that guarantees the roots and the knowledge of generations. It is from there that comes the inspiration and the wool that gives the body and the name to the brand. It is also in the mountains that are the sheep, the starting point for a path of pure design fueled by sustainability of a safe future.

Bio Sustainable

The natural is always better.

In Burel nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Wool is a valuable and respected resource from the beginning of growth until the end of the transformation at our factory in Manteigas. Its use is made in a rational and sustainable way, all in function of the search of the balance between what we can and what we want to produce without that affecting the animal and the client. Because the “too fast” lacks in originality and the instantaneous lacks in quality.


With very evident Origins, Burel respects the nature that feeds her. It is a company with zero waste, zero use of chemicals in wool treatment and ally the development of the local economy with the sustainability proven by the happiness of the sheep that graze outdoors on the slopes of the Serra da Estrela, guided by the shepherds who call them by name that affection dubbed

Happy Sheep, Happy Customers

Bordaleira is the typical sheep breed of Serra da Estrela and the northern region of Portugal. With a docile personality, medium height, well developed skeleton, muscular body, white or black and the weight varying between 50 and 100kg.

Their presence in the region has been recorded in centuries of history and the people of the mountains have tamed them for the wool that always protected them from the harshness of the mountains and the milk that defined the local economy and gastronomy.


Designed by nature

Our wool is enriched by the natural food provided by the mountain slopes, rich in minerals and softened by the humidity of the high points. The grazing is done outdoors, in tune with the rhythm of the seasons and the shepherds who lead them. All this is reflected in the wool of the animal and the quality of the product derived from that same wool that always becomes more durable, resistant and comfortable.

Each sheep produces about 4kg of wool per year. After shearing the wool is tanned in order to remove the impurities, washed, combed by hand and only then is stored to be transformed into the wool we know and the burel that identifies us.

Manual Shearing

A Natural Process

Our sheep are shorn at least once a year, usually at the end of winter.

This is a mandatory process for the animal that only brings benefits: it facilitates reproduction, eliminates the parasites, causes you to ingest more food for the newborns born in the spring and leaves it cooler for the summer.

Shearing is done manually and individually. It is an ancient art maintained by the know-how of the highlands people with the local shearer using scissors and holding the sheep by hand. Everything to lessen the stress of the animal to the maximum so that it continues with his happy and quiet life.